This is an interactive and collaborative calendar and website to compile, post, and access knowledge management and information management resources of interest to the transportation community.  While the emphasis is on the Research and Library/Information Management portions of this community, the resources will be valuable to all members working to find better ways of capturing and harnessing the information and data used and produced in all aspects of the transportation field.  The scope of the calendar includes webinars, seminars, lectures, classes, conferences, and workshops that occur in the United States, as well as internationally.



The default time zone for this calendar website is Pacific Time. To adjust events to your time zone, export the calendar item to your MS Outlook or other calendar. This will affect online meetings such as conference calls and webinars, etc. In-person events will show the meeting time as it occurs in that location.


Events can be viewed as a monthly or weekly calendar, or as a list. Filters can be applied to an event search with dropdown options to allow sorting by event type, topic, mode, location, and cost. 

  • Event Type — Event types for this calendar include: Class, Conference, Seminar/Lecture, Webinar, and Workshop.
  • Topic — Events can be sorted by the following topics: Research and Information, Policy and Organization, Planning and Environment, Emerging Technologies, and Design and Construction.
  • Mode — Events can also be sorted by the following modes: All, None, Aviation, Highways, Marine Transportation, Motor Carriers, Pedestrians and Bicyclists, Pipelines, Public Transportation, Railroads, and Utilities.
  • Region — Events occurring outside of the United States are categorized as International. Events such as webinars, teleconferences, etc., are categorized as Online. Meetings, conferences, and seminars taking place in the United States are sorted by the AASHTO Region the event occurs in. 
  • Cost — Cost ranges for events listed in this calendar are: Free, $1-$49, $50-$199, $200-$499, $500+.


Items that are not date-sensitive can be found on the Resources page. These may include archived webinars, ongoing training, brochures, links, documents and publications. Both full text/free and fee-based resources are listed; you can sort this with the Citation Description drop-down box. Please note: For announcements, calendar events, discussions, documents, and links related to research program and project management, see the Research Program and Project Management (RPPM) site. This is a product of the Library Connectivity & Development Pooled Fund Study, TPF-5(237) and the AASHTO RAC TKN Task Force. This site is being hosted by the Western Transportation Knowledge Network.


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